How to Winterize Your Outdoor Furniture

Ask Eli

Is it ok to just leave my patio furniture outside during the winter?

Watch this short video to get our Exterior Furnishings Guru Eli Hymer’s advice on how to protect your outdoor furniture investment over the cold winter months.

How you winterize your furniture all depends on what type of furniture you have. Some pieces like Teak & Polymer are fine to leave outside all winter uncovered. Other pieces such as extruded aluminum or woven resin (which have an extruded aluminum frame) can be left outside but should be covered.

Your cushions are an example of something that should NEVER be left outside. For some reason, mice and squirrels are especially attracted to outdoor cushions and can do a lot of damage to cushions left outside during the winter, even if they are covered. So always bring in your cushions and store them inside.

Remember, your furniture was a sizeable investment…it’s important to learn how to protect that investment.

Eli Hymer

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