Gasper Garden To-Do List: Late Fall

What we are doing in our gardens in the late fall to prepare for the colder winter months

Bring in Irrigation Timers & Shut down irrigation

If you have a hose drip irrigation system, it is important to detach and take your digital timer inside before any chance of frost. Digital timers that are left outdoors over the winter can be severely damaged. Avoid a costly replacement and take your timer inside before the end of October or the season’s first hard frost. Not sure how to take in your timer or what is ok to remain outside? Watch our short video with Landscape Architect Christina Reeves HERE for more information.

Winterize Pottery

While Gasper pottery is frost-resistant, nothing is frost-proof! So, it is important to maintain good drainage to avoid pots breaking over the freezing winter months to come. The best plan is to store your pottery in a dry, sheltered place. If the planted pot is to be left outside, then the container must have excellent drainage. Raise the pot off the ground to allow the water to drain and prevent it from freezing. We recommend placing the planted pot under a covered location, and you can determine the amount of water your planted pot will need (do not let your plant dry out over the winter). Take care to prevent water from gathering in empty containers by storing it upside down or with a cover or store in a shed or a garage. Read more on our Winterizing Pottery blog HERE.

Feed the Birds

Help your feathered friends over the winter months as food supplies get scarce. Gasper Home & Garden Showplace has an extensive collection of bird feeders, bird seed, and other birding accessories that will help your winged friends.

One way to provide for birds and other wildlife in the winter months is to plant shrub and tree species that naturally provide food sources, such as seeds or berries. For a list of bird-friendly shrubs that are perfect for our Bucks County, PA location, check out our blog HERE.

Protect Broadleaf Evergreens or Tender Plants

Protect broad leaf evergreens by spraying them with an anti-transpirant such as Wilt Pruf or Wilt Stop. These products coat the plant’s leaves, needles, and stems with a clear (and natural) protective coating that helps reduce moisture loss on evergreens during the winter months and prevent winter damage such as wind burn and dieback. Gasper Home & Garden Showplace carries both Wilt Pruf and Wilt Stop in ready-to-use sprays or concentrates for larger coverage areas. For more information on anti-transpirants, see our blog HERE.

You can also create burlap wind protection screens for plants that might be planted in particularly windy sites or that are known to suffer winter damage. For more tips on winterizing your entire garden, click HERE.

He who marvels at the beauty of the world in summer will find equal cause for wonder and admiration in winter.

John Burroughs, American Author