Winter is COMING! How to get your garden ready for the cold

As the weather gets colder, turn to Gasper’s expert advice to prepare and protect your garden from the oncoming freezing temperatures.

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Protect Or Dig Tender Plants and Bulbs

Plant spring bulbs in fall

Before your frost date, it is an excellent idea to protect, move, or dig tender plants & bulbs that you are hoping to save. Protect tender plants that can remain outdoors, such as figs, with burlap and shredded leaves. For more tips on winterizing your garden, look here:

Bring in Irrigation Timers and Shut Down Irrigation Systems

Irrigation timer

It is important to do this before the first hard frost of the season occurs, which usually happens in our Bucks County, Pennsylvania, location after October 15. For detailed instructions on winterizing a hose drip irrigation system, watch our short video with Gasper Landscape Architect Christina Reeves. You can find the blog and video here:

Make Sure Frost-Resistant Containers Have Good Drainage

Good drainage is key to whether or not your pots will crack during winter. Find out more HERE. Not sure if your pottery is frost-resistant? Learn more about frost-resistant pottery with Owner/Buyer Dana Gasper in her short video, which can be found here:

Cover Fountains to Prevent Cracking

cover your fountain in winter

Fountains should be drained and covered with a tarp or waterproof fountain cover. Water allowed to sit in fountain bowls increases the risk of cracking or spalling. For more tips on winterizing your garden, look here:

Apply Anti-Transpirant to Broadleaf Evergreens

Broad-leaf evergreens such as azaleas, laurels, hollies, boxwood, and rhododendrons are particularly vulnerable to desiccation during winter, often resulting in dry, brown, winter-damaged leaves the following spring. Find out why using an anti-transpirant like Wilt Pruf or Wilt Stop can help here:

Protect Crape Myrtles and Other Vulnerable Plants

Here are our recommendations for ensuring your crape myrtles are not severely injured or damaged by the freeze.

Shred, Stockpile Fall Leaves, and Start a Compost Pile

Compost is not only good for your garden but good for the environment. By composting our organic waste, we can save it from being wasted in landfills. One of the best ‘ingredients’ to make top-quality homemade compost is shredded leaves, which are abundant this time of year! It is easier than you think to start a compost pile. Find out here:

Stock Up On Snow and Ice Removal Supplies

Prepare for the cold weather with the correct type of ice melts for your hardscape project. Various ice melt products are on the market, and choosing the best one for your home, family, and pets can get confusing. Get our experts at Gasper’s Bucks County Hardscape and Building Supply advice here:

Winterize Your Outdoor Furniture

Your furniture was a sizeable investment — learning how to protect that investment is important. Learn how to winterize your furniture from our casual furniture industry expert, Eli Hymer, in his Q&A column, Ask Eli, found here:

Set Up a Bird Feeder

Now is the time to attract the most birds during the fall migration and all through the winter! Please learn more about winter birding with this blog from our resident birder and nursery associate, Lynn Patterson. Read the new blog post on winter birding as well as product information.

Prevent Winter Deer Browse

The birds we usually want to feed, Bambi and his friends, not so much, especially when they are eating our beloved landscape plants. As food supplies get scarce, your landscape plants look more and more attractive to deer. Learn about ways to prevent deer (and other animal) damage here:

Plant Spring Blooming Bulbs Before the Ground Freezes

Love flowering spring bulbs like tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths? Then do not forget to get your bulbs in the ground in late fall. November is usually the month for bulb planting in our Delaware Valley region. For more tips on winterizing your garden, look here:

Apply a Fall Lawn Fertilizer

At Gasper Home & Garden Showplace, we highly recommend Jonathan Green seed and lawn care products for their high quality and great results. Jonathan Green’s Winter Survival Lawn Food provides the nutrients to help boost newly seeded lawns and help established lawns grow thicker and greener grass with deeper roots. In our Philadelphia region, apply before the 2nd week in November for the best results. You can purchase this and other Jonathan Green lawn care products at our Richboro, PA location. Come into the store or find out more about Winter Survival Lawn Food here:

No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn.

Hal Borland, American Author