Getting Flexible with an Extension Table

Ask Eli

Occasionally, I throw large dinner parties where I need to seat a lot of people, but usually, it is just my immediate family. What do you recommend other than buying a huge table or multiple tables we can push together?

My go-to recommendation for clients that need flexibility is an extension table. Extension tables easily expand to accommodate additional diners. My short video below will show you how easy it is to expand your table.

At Gasper Exterior Furnishings Studio in Furlong, we have many brands of extension tables that we can show you. One of my favorite extension tables is the Kingsley Bate Hyannis teak extension table because when open, the table is extended by almost three feet and can accommodate up to twelve! Plus, it has two self-storing butterfly leaves that are super easy to open and close as needed. We also have other teak extension tables, such as the Aura Rectangular Extending Table from Barlow Tyrie and the Della Oval Extending Table from our newest line, Gasper Elite. There are also cast aluminum versions, such as the Pure Extending Dining Table from Cabana Coast or the Hampton Extension Table from Woodard.

Another option would be to incorporate other seating options into the furniture design of your space. For example, oversized coffee tables or fire tables can provide guests with room to set down a plate or glass. Poufs and/or Ottomans are another piece that offers flexibility as they can either be used as extra seating or as extra serving surfaces, depending on what your need is.

Extension tables have a hidden feature. The leaves are hidden below the table surface and are very easy to access. It’s our little secret.

Eli Hymer

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