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How Long Will Teak Furniture Last?

Watch this short informative video to hear Eli Hymer, our exterior furnishings expert, talk about why teak furniture is one of the best investments for outdoor living. 

I always like to use teak furniture in my designs because it is something I refer to as lifetime pieces… because they truly last my clients a lifetime.  The nature of teak wood furniture is not only that it weathers the test of time extremely well, but that it also never goes out of style.  Although Teak is a natural product which is sustainable harvested in Indonesia, it is ingrained with natural oils that make it very durable and rot and insect resistant.  When left untreated, teak wood will weather to a beautiful silver patina, which I personally find very attractive, but you can also clean or oil your teak annually to maintain its warm tan hue.  I also love that teak is very versatile style-wise, and can be used in countless combinations.  And as the area’s exclusive retailer of two of the premium teak furniture manufacturers in the world, Kingsley-Bate and Barlow Tyrie, I know that I can find any style of teak furniture you are looking for.   While teak, is an investment, I always like to say it is like buying your last set first, because it honestly will last that long. 

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