Creating a Pond

Information for Conception and Design

Water is an essential key to incorporating nature into your landscape and bringing it to life! Consider a fountain, aqua bowls, custom made water feature, waterfall or pond. There is a water feature for everyone’s budget.


When designing a pond establish what your needs are. Do you want a simple water garden? Perhaps a Koi pond? The design, dimension, filtration and supplies necessary to create various ponds will differ greatly.

Explore your options when it comes to maintenance and care. A bit more money spent up front in adding some filtration options such as an UV light filter or a bottom drain will save a lot more money and time spent on cleanouts and treatment down the line.

Take into account all the areas you want to view your water feature from. Place your pond, waterfall or fountain where you can get the most out of it. You can take that pond right up to your patio or deck. Dangle your feet in it, hand- feed and pet your aquatic companions. Blend where the water comes in and goes out.

Don’t forget about natural lighting for your fish ponds. Your beautiful red and white Kohaku Koi just turned brown and gray under that blue light! Save the color changes for the pondless features.

Are you aware of your townships’ codes? Many areas will require fencing on projects that reach deeper than 18-24 inches.

There is just something about being out in open country, about seeing the sun rise over a pond, that’s really beautiful.

Carson Wentz


Remember to build to scale. Use stone and boulders that fit the size of the feature you are building. Nothing looks more out of place than a medium to large pond or falls with a load of small stones surrounding it.

When designing a waterfall consider the noise level you want and the distance from your main viewing/seating area. Use construction techniques like an echo chamber behind your fall or stacked stone in tight channels to create whitewater for extra noise. Pondless waterfalls are great for kids! Incorporate small, shallow pools and areas where they can play in and around the waterfalls for ultimate interaction!

Incorporate plants inside the feature and out. Blend the edges and it will look like your house was built next to a natural stream or pond.

Don’t forget about light for your pond and water features for a whole new experience at night! View your fish after hours, create that extra warm welcome to visitors and add another level of ambiance to your outdoor living area in the evening.