Using Adirondack Chairs For Outdoor Seating

Ask Eli

I am considering adding Adirondack chairs to one of my outdoor areas. I see they are available in both wood and in polymers. Which material would you recommend?

First of all, excellent choice. I love using Adirondack chairs when designing outdoor seating for my clients. Its simple iconic design, with its reclined back and seat, makes the Adirondack chair one of the quintessential outdoor chairs for relaxing and comfort. Not only are they super comfortable even without cushions or pillows, but their heavy construction makes them very stable and not susceptible to blowing away in windy conditions (like down at the shore).

And you are right about the availability of the chair in different materials. At the Exterior Furnishings Studio in Furlong, we have Adirondack Chairs available in hardwoods such as teak and Ipe. Still, our bestselling material is a marine-grade polymer, and let me tell you why. With marine-grade polymer furniture, you get a chair with almost no maintenance; it will not fade or degrade over time. Plus, I really like some of the newer neutral colors available in the polymer lines that really do a great job of mimicking wood.

Check out this short video of myself and Gasper Landscape Architect Christina Reeves discussing the Breezesta Polymer Adirondack chair in one of my favorite colors, Weathered Wood, at the site of this issue’s Gasper-Built featured landscape project.

If it’s the right chair, it doesn’t take too long to get comfortable in it.

Robert De Niro

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