The 2023 Best Before & After Gasper-Built Landscape Transformations

Play with the slides below to easily view our favorite before and after photos of the year.

One of our fans’ favorite features in our holiday publication is our before-and-after photo gallery. For those of you who cannot get enough of those magical Gasper-built transformations, keep scrolling.

This circular driveway was overgrown with plantings and just a little bit — dare we say — ho-hum. The new driveway features paver and clay brick insets and borders that contrast and complement the brick construction of the house. New formal plantings have been selected with mature size in mind to display rather than hide the house’s beauty.

Sometimes, when it comes time to replace an old wooden deck, it is worth evaluating whether or not a patio might be a better fit. Take this before and after as an example. By using steps and landings at the house doors and lowering the grade of the new paver patio, Gasper was able to remove railings that used to impede the view out to the yard and replace them with lower decorative block seating walls that define the patio edge without the feeling of being closed in. Plus, seat walls are great for adding additional places for guests to hang out when entertaining.

This lovely wet-laid Pennsylvania bluestone patio replaced an older stamped concrete patio. By squaring off the patio, there is more usable space for new teak furnishings and a gas fire table, from the Gasper Exterior Furnishings Studio located in Furlong, PA.

The existing walls and steps, which were unnecessary, had resulted in a tight, unusable patio space outside of the basement entrance. In addition, the patio had begun to deteriorate, which was the cue to our homeowner to contact Gasper. We redesigned the patio to be all on one level, which is more expansive and allows for a small dining area and a place to gather around a large fire pit. The mix of concrete pavers, irregular bluestone paving materials, and contrasting color borders make the patio visually interesting.

When we removed the existing clay brick wall and replaced it with a black aluminum fence and gate, we were able to open up the whole view to the pool and make the lower pool patio feel like an extension of the upper patio while still preventing children and pets from directly accessing the pool. The pool patio was upgraded from uneven clay brick to a light-colored concrete paver patio with strong curvilinear lines. The lighter-colored paving makes the pool patio surface more comfortable for bare feet.

We took another approach to designing this multi-level patio. We played with the elevation changes to create a patio that doubled the homeowner’s outdoor living space but still felt intimate and comfortable. The masonry stonework on the new steps and walls was carefully selected to match the existing Wissahickon schist stonework on the main house perfectly. As a result, the new walls and patios look like they were constructed as part of the house, not just some afterthought.

Visitors have an easier and more inviting path to the front door with the new Gasper-guilt paver walkway that branches and curves gracefully down the driveway to greet them. Masonry steps with PA Bluestone treads and cast stone veneer make traversing the steep slope comfortable. The foundation plants have been updated for more color and interest throughout the year.

The simple design for this new paver patio has had a tremendous impact on the feel of this backyard, transforming it into a true outdoor room. Deep seating under a large, cantilevered umbrella is the perfect setting for entertaining guests and relaxing outdoors.

Flanking your driveway with brick piers adorned with gas lanterns and stone wing walls is a wonderful way to signal the entrance to your property to visitors visually. The existing walkway was replaced with pavers, and the layout was slightly altered to create another leg of the walkway that gives guests who park on the street a direct path to the front door.

There was no need to overthink it; the previous clay brick landing had seen better days and the steps were uneven, which can be hazardous. The new masonry landing has consistent step heights and is constructed of PA bluestone treads, cast stone veneer on the risers, and a paver inset to compliment the walkway. The light-colored paving stone with the dark paver brick sailor border is a color combination we quite like for its sharp contrast and modern feel.

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