Teak Root Furniture

Ask Eli:

What is teak root furniture and how should I use it?

Watch this short video to hear Gasper Exterior Designer, Eli Hymer talk about the unique teak root furniture pieces currently offered at Gasper Home & Garden Showplace.

Directly import from Indonesia, teak root is essential the same material as finished teak furniture, but instead of being milled, it is left in its raw form.  Indonesian artisans cut and carve the furniture pieces out of the naturally tangled shape of the teak tree roots.  This makes for incredibly unique pieces because each piece of furniture is truly a one of a kind piece.  We carry many types of teak root furniture such as benches, bar sets, dining and conversation tables.

Teak root furniture has all of the same benefits as teak furniture, in that is extremely durable and rot and insect resistant. Like straight teak, teak root is a naturally oily wood and if left untreated will weather to a beautiful silvery patina or it can be sealed and oiled regularly with linseed oil to maintain its honey golden brown finish.

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