Why We Love Pouf Stools

Ask Eli:

What is a pouf stool and how can I use it?

— Georgia R.

I am so glad you asked this question because pouf stools are some of my favorite pieces that I am bringing in for our 2021 season. Imagine a cross between a beanbag and an ottoman, and you have a pouf stool.  I love them because they are super versatile. They can be used as extra seating, an ottoman, or as an end or coffee table. Most are perfect for holding small trays for snacks or beverages. Upholstered with outdoor performance fabrics, they are suitable for any outdoor setting. Plus, because there is such a wide selection of color and pattern available in outdoor fabrics, they can really bring fun pops of colors and texture into your outdoor designs. 

Take a look at my designer tip video on Pouf Stools for more examples on how to use them at your home!

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