Market Umbrellas

Ask Eli:

What are the advantages of Market Umbrellas?

Watch this short video to see Gasper Exterior Designer Eli Hymer show you all the advantages of a market umbrella.

Market umbrellas were traditionally designed to give sun protection to marketplace vendors. The name has become synonymous with a sturdy, vented umbrella with a central support pole anchored with a base. And while the primary function of an umbrella is to provide shade, I believe they are one of the best ways to add style and pops of color to your outdoor space. I love designing umbrellas with bright-colored performance fabrics.

Traditionally made with wood, market umbrellas are also available in different metal styles and sizes ranging from six to eleven feet in diameter. Larger-sized market umbrellas also offer tilt features, making it very simple to adjust the umbrella to the sun’s position. Modern market umbrellas are also very modular and easy to move around your space because many newer bases have built-in small wheels.

We have a large selection of both market and cantilever umbrellas at both of our Exterior Furnishings stores, and my team of talented Exterior Designers will be happy to recommend the best style and size umbrella for your situation. We also can custom order umbrellas for you if you do not see exactly what you want.

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