How to Plant an Annual

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Plants classed as annuals are those which complete their life cycle within one year, or are not winter hardy. Annuals are some of our most useful garden flowers. With a rainbow of available color choices, an almost endless supply of forms and sizes, and the ability to bloom the entire growing season, annuals have a place in any garden. Just a few varieties are shown below.

Gasper has a free guidebook, How to Plant an Annual, that you can view here, or you can pick up a copy on your next visit to the Gasper Garden Center.

Inside, you’ll find step-by-step instructions on planting your annuals accompanied by color photos that illustrate each step. The booklet also contains information on continued care of your annuals once they’re planted. You can also find out what fertilizer is best, when to plant, when to water, and what you can do to keep your annuals safe during an unexpected frost.

Keep your annuals blooming. Download this helpful guide today!

Visit the Gasper Garden Center to browse the annuals, and you may find some of the varieties shown below: