How to Be the Best Host, Hostess or Guest this Holiday Season

Beautiful Christmas table setting with candles and a fancy napkin on a plate with tree lights in the background.

How to Be the Best Host / Hostess

  1. Create the atmosphere: music, lighting and good smells go along way.
  2. Ask for help
  3. Give yourself 25% more time than you think (4 hours = 5 hours)
  4. Invite VIPs: Always invite one or two friends over a little earlier before the rest of the guests arrive.
  5. Take the lead by hanging coats, be clear where the socializing is happening and offer refreshments
  6. Good Job!!!  Now for the clean up! Have a friend or family member stay, play some tunes, load up the dishwasher and get to bed!
Beautifully decorated Christmas Tree with ornaments, beads and bows

How to Be the Best Guest

  1. Bring a gift for your host or hostess
  2. Offer to help.
  3. Be timely.
  4. Wait for directions, a good hostess will take the lead, do not wander off limits, ask to use the bathroom and do not ask for a tour.
  5. Fill the void with good conversation that’s not all about you.
  6. Say thank you, offer to help with clean up (twice if you get rejected both times honor your host/hostess) and know when to leave either by the end time or when the party is winding down.