Outdoor Entertaining

5 Things That Make a Great Outdoor Entertainment Space

Watch this short video to learn more about Gasper Landscape Architect, Christina Reeves’ five favorite recommendations to achieve the perfect outdoor space for entertaining.

1. An Outdoor Television

With an outdoor television inviting your friends and family over for a movie night or to watch the big game can take on a whole new dimension…outside! It is important to remember that outdoor televisions are not the same as indoor models. For one, exterior rated televisions are sealed against things like dust, pollen or insects. They are also made to withstand extreme heat and cold as well as exposure to moisture. Lastly outdoor TVs are going to be brighter and easier to see in bright outdoor environments because of built-in brightness and anti-glare measures.

2. Grill

Food is at the center of most social gatherings, so make sure you are bringing your A game when it comes to your grill. Today’s grills feature all sorts of bells and whistles including: stainless steel exteriors, halogen lighting, professional grade sear zones and rotisseries.

3. Bar Seating

Just like people love to gather in the kitchen, people love to gather around a grill or cooking station…in other words where the food is! Adding bar height seating lets your friends comfortably sit at your cook station which also makes it more fun for the person doing the cooking. The extra counter space also provides additional counter space to lay out a spread of good things to eat.

4. Fire

Maybe it is a link to our ancient ancestors but whenever there is the warm glow of fire, there is always sure to be people gathered around it. Whether it is a fire pit or fireplace, adding a fire feature to your outdoor space will increase everyone’s entertainment enjoyment. While wood burning units will provide that traditional aroma, gas-fueled features offer convenience and ease to use.

5. Shade

Sometimes entertaining in the great outdoors can be unpredictable due to the weather. Having a roof or shade structure can help you make your outdoor entertaining space more comfortable for your guests by providing shade from the hot sun or shelter from the rain. Entertainment spaces that offer some sort of shade are generally more usable and ultimately more enjoyable all around. Plus that structure helps to create that feeling of an outdoor room making that outdoor space a true extension of your home.