Gasper Garden To-Do List: Spring

What we are doing in our gardens in Spring!

Plant Annuals & Containers

Once the danger of frost has passed, it is time to plant containers and beds with seasonal annuals. In our Philadelphia area, the frost date is March 31st. Annuals only last for one season, so they’re the perfect quick addition to your garden. Utilize different colored flowering annuals in container gardens, flower beds, or window boxes for an interesting effect. You can also find annuals with varying types of foliage color and texture to create endless combinations of the most alluring plant groupings. At Gasper Home & Garden Showplace, we have different varieties arriving from the areas’ top-growers every day!

Plant your Vegetable Garden

Now is time to harden off your indoor seed starts & plant outdoors in the garden. Missed planting seeds? …no need to worry, the Gasper garden center has all your vegetable starts.

Dress the Part

Gardening can be a great way to stay active and get the benefits of fresh air. But there are some hazards that can be modified to make your time in the garden more enjoyable. A good quality pair of garden gloves is one of the most important articles of clothing to wear while gardening and today with many of nitrile garden gloves, you can protect your hands without losing dexterity or touch. A good sun hat or visor to protect you from the harmful rays of the sun is probably a close second. Many gardeners also like to use knee pads or other kneeling pads to help alleviate knee pain while doing work on the ground.

Address Drainage Issues

April showers bring May flowers, yes…but also often water in the basement or other unwanted places. Address storm water issues, but cleaning your gutters and making sure that downspouts are running away from your house foundations. Adding things like downspout splash blocks or lawn pop-up drains help to direct storm water away from foundations. Make drainage functional but fun by replacing downspouts with decorative rain chains or splash blocks.