Don’t know what color cushions to select?

Ask Eli

I am having a hard time deciding what color cushion to choose. What do you recommend?

Watch this short video to get our Exterior Furnishings Guru, Eli Hymer’s opinion on what is the best color to choose for your outdoor furniture cushions.

Whenever in doubt, I always recommend choosing cushion colors in a neutral palette and then adding pops of colors with pillows, throws, and other accessories. The pillows are relatively inexpensive and an easier and more practical way to change up your look.

Take a look at the photos below. Each was taken on the same love seat, upholstered in a neutral, Sunbrella fabric.

As you can see, with a neutral base the pillow color combinations you can come up with are endless. The same love seat in a colored or patterned upholstery would be limited to matching accents or subject to a relatively more costly reupholster.

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