KNF-Neille Olson

Everything Extraordinary

Gasper Exterior Furnishing Studio at Furlong is proud to offer such a uniquely elegant product as KNF- Neille Olson mosaic tables. The tables, which are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, boast iridescent waves of color, deep sophisticated hues, fresh designs, and durability that can be measured in decades. Each table is hand-made from a proprietary stone blend, hand-cut stained glass, and marble tile. No two are exactly the same, so it’s perfectly imperfect.

The bases are made from either iron or aluminum and have a thick powder coating to protect them from the elements. The resulting durability makes the entire collection very durable and able to be enjoyed indoors or outdoors.

It is KNF- Neille Olson’s recommendation that their tables be brought in during the winter months as periods of freeze/thaw cycles can place undue stress on the top. They also recommend that in regions of high oxidation, such as ours, it is best to order an aluminum table that will not corrode or need occasional painting maintenance.

Available in both classic and modern designs, the whole collection can be viewed at