How to Install a Hose Bib Drip Irrigation System

Save Time & Money with a Simple Hose Bib Irrigation System That You Can Install Yourself

Watch this short video for help on how to install a hose bib irrigation system.

Why use Drip Irrigation?

Drip irrigation is a very efficient method of watering. It saves water because it applies water directly to the root zone around each plant, eliminates overspray, and reduces evaporation. Drip irrigation also keeps water off of the plant’s foliage, which can contribute to fungal diseases and leaves being ‘burned’ by water droplets acting as magnifying glasses. Unlike soaker hoses, the ½-inch poly tubing used in simple drip irrigation systems are clog-resistant and can water evenly at distances up to 300 feet. Also, you can install a drip irrigation system without digging. Tubing is laid directly on the topsoil under the layer of mulch.

You will Need:

▶ A working hose bib or faucet in an ideal location
▶ Y-splitter
▶ Automatic water timer (We are using the Agrifim Battery OperatedTimer)
▶ Pressure regulator
▶ Poly tubing and connectors (for garden beds)
▶ Micro tubing, emitters and connectors (for container plants)
▶ Landscape staples

We stock all the supplies you need to install a simple hose bib drip irrigation system at your house and we have the expertise to walk you through the project. For more irrigation information give us a call or stop in to the store to talk to one of our landscape experts.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Your digital timer MUST be brought inside and stored before temperatures drop below freezing in the late fall and winter!!