Gasper Assists Clients Through Supply Chain Issues

Have you heard the news about worldwide shipping container bottlenecks? Just about everyone has been affected by supply chain issues resulting from the great pandemic. Lack of raw materials and workers has affected industries everywhere, from paper mills, glass producers, paint factories, and quality outdoor furniture manufacturers.

The Gasper Exterior Furnishings Division has taken significant measures to minimize delays for customers — starting with adding 5 new vendors that can deliver quality merchandise in a timely manner. We have also upped our inventory so that we have more products immediately available. Gasper has doubled and in some cases tripled the amount of stock for 2022, so much so that we acquired a new location with additional warehouse space to house it all! Beginning Spring 2022, homeowners and designers can visit us at either Gasper’s Exterior Furnishing Gallery located within the Home & Garden Showplace in Richboro, PA or at our newest store location, the Gasper Exterior Furnishings Studio in Furlong, PA.

Gasper is dedicated to avoiding the long and unexpected delays that affected 2021, however our best advice is to order early.

Custom products that might have taken 4–6 weeks to order pre-pandemic are now seeing delays of 4–6 months and in some unfortunate cases longer. Our understanding customers are wise and had seen the delays for various products (not just furniture) in the media and for better or worse, have come to expect delays. They understood that their outdoor furniture is an investment in the future and that quality products are worth the wait and the joy they will bring when they finally arrive.