Sealing Your Pavers

Spring is the time to clean and seal your patio or walkway pavers

Maintaining and protecting your outdoor hardscape investment is easier than you think. SRW Products has a full line of cleaners that address a variety of issues, such as grease stains, spilled paint, rubber marks, moss and mildew stains and growth, poly-haze, and general cleaning issues such as dirt and efflorescence.

Polymeric Sand, the joint sand that is used by most contractors these days in place of plain bar sand, will keep weeds, ants, and sand washout under control. It is a wonderful product, but over time as it is exposed to the elements it will eventually need to be redone. Please consult a professional or one of our hardscape associates before doing this on your own.   

It is important to take care of any of these issues before you can consider sealing your patio. But when you are ready there are a variety of choices, from invisible, low-gloss, and high-gloss, in both water-based and solvent-base to choose from. The best thing to do is to discuss your project with our Hardscape Department so that we can help you choose the right type of sealer for your application. Samples are available to pick up and test at home if you are still having trouble deciding.

SRW Polymeric Sand

Pavermate Z3 will provide faster, stronger, and longer-lasting results. This formula of polymeric sand can be used for a wide variety of applications and is packaged for safe and secure storage. It’s a one-sand solution for paver joints. Zero haze, zero dust, and zero problems. 50-lb. bag available in granite, tan and black.

SRW Cleaners and Sealers

Spring is the best time for sealing. Gasper carries several general and specialty cleaners and sealers. SRW sealers offer the best paver protection from water intrusion, acid rain, deicing chemicals, and freeze/thaw exposure. Sealers are easy to apply and retain the original appearance of pavers.

Visit Gasper’s Hardscape & Building Supply today for everything you need to clean and seal your patio or walkway pavers.

I look forward to spring cleaning and putting things in their place. It’s therapeutic for me.

Kimora Lee Simmons, Businesswoman