Find The Right Shade For Your Space

When we think of Tuuci outdoor umbrellas, we think of elegance, performance and craftsmanship, which is why we are now offering Tuuci shade products at Gasper’s Exterior Furnishing Studio located in Furlong, PA. 

Tuuci parasols and cabanas can be found shading resorts and boutique escapes worldwide. They create durable, beautiful, serviceable shade products to enhance outdoor commercial, hospitality and residential environments.

From their material selections to the sweep of their parasols, Tuuci designs are inspired by the distinct beauty in the world around us.

Recognized around the world for unparalleled function, they stand alone in a category defined only by their latest advancements in shade engineering. They have draw upon decades of field data derived from real usage and exhaustive wind testing to ensure their products perform as intended. Find your perfect umbrella from Tuuci at the Gasper Exterior Furnishing Studio at Furlong. Check out additional styles at their website https://www.tuuci.com/