Gasper Asian Furniture Imports

One-of-a-Kind Pieces

Select from a wide assortment of hand-crafted tables and benches. These one-of-a-kind pieces must be seen in person to be truly appreciated! Each one is a work of art. We have many different styles and types of wood available.

Reclaimed Boat Wood Furniture

Our reclaimed boat wood furniture and accessories are made from recycled teak and ironwood that have been collected from broken fishing boats from Bali and Indonesia. The one-of-a-kind furniture is hand-created with a mosaic of many different vibrantly painted pieces that reflect the authentic colors of the traditional fishing vessels as well as the real patinas from years of use. Gasper’s Home & Garden Center in Richboro and Gasper Exterior Furnishing Studio at Furlong offer boat wood benches, dining collections, and unique accessories such as wall art and mirrors. Our boat wood pieces can be used both inside and outside of your home and are finished with a marine-grade varnish, which will protect it from the elements for years.

Teak Root Furniture

Wood in this collection is sourced from roots from the teak tree that are dug up from teak plantations.

Artisans carefully examine each piece they excavate and plan how to use the material to its greatest potential. These benches are amazingly comfortable and have a beautifully smooth finish. Each piece is a unique conversation starter.

Teak is a very hardy material, and the items can be left outside. Still, if left outside, sun bleaching will occur – there is no need to oil if you like this effect. We do recommend using ‘tung oil’ on these items if they are being kept outside. It helps to bring out the natural wood grain, and it also helps protect it from the elements. If used inside, a good quality wax helps keep the wood looking its best, gives a subtle sheen, and enhances the woodgrain.