Advantages of Succulents

4 reasons why succulents are the best plants

Succulents have been around for a long time, of course, and have been used as office plants and in indoor gardens for a long time. However, in recent years their popularity seems to have grown. The reasons for this are many.

1. Succulents are drought-resistant

Due to their unique water-holding properties, succulents have evolved as drought resistant. They thrive in dry, arid climates where most other plants would not survive. In fact, one way to kill a succulent plant is to shower it with love and over-water it.

2. Succulents are easy to care for

These low-maintenance plants require little to no attention, given the right growing environment. They do require some watering and the right potting mix to thrive. But once you figure out the basics, these plants are among the easiest plants to care for.

I have a house full of dead succulents but I was very attentive.

Alice Levine, Entertainer

3. Succulents have beautiful shapes, sizes, and colors

Succulents come in many different unique shapes, colors, textures, and features. Each plant has its own unique qualities. Their exquisite beauty is featured in their amazing range of colors. As you get to know these plants, you find out that they transform in color under different lighting conditions. Some plants turn from dark green in the shade to bright red or orange in full sun. You can find just about any color range from white to dark purple or black. Their fascinating shapes are endless.

4. Succulents can grow anywhere

Most succulents require a bright surrounding but not completely full sun. A lightly shaded patio outside or a bright sunny location indoor would be enough for them to grow. They are also not picky as to what type of pot you plant them in but prefer to be in pots with drainage holes as they do not like to sit in water. A fast-draining soil is preferred. Given the right circumstances, they can survive in areas where most other plants suffer.

Gasper is here to help

If you have any care questions about succulents, please stop by the annuals department at the Gasper Garden Center. Below are some closeups of just a few succulents we have at Gasper. The annuals department just potted up a few here, and they are ready to move to a new home — maybe yours?