California Umbrella

At the Gasper Exterior Furnishing Gallery, we have expanded our offerings of beautiful and quality umbrellas with our newest collections from California Umbrella.  In addition to the classic market style umbrella, they have a vast array of style, shape and feature options, fulfilling almost every need you may have for a shade product.  Their residential collection includes convenient lift features, so that opening the canopy is simple and easy. Residential products are also often made with dynamic tilting options that move the canopy lower on the horizon as the sun travels across the afternoon sky. Exciting offset umbrellas with the post set to the side of the canopy, are much more versatile when assembling furnishing sets to utilize your space better.

A California Umbrella offers a timeless design that efficiently shades your space, while offering a wealth of customization opportunities that satisfy changing trends. Not to mention, California Umbrella products are designed to last, and with features that contribute to your enjoyment and all of your shade needs.

Curious to learn more about the shade products offered by California Umbrella? Visit their website