Hardscape Accessories

Hardscape products are conveniently stocked for DIY homeowners and contractors here at Gasper. Dependable tools are an essential part of completing residential and commercial projects. From new, innovative tools to hard-to-find specialty tools, along with cleaners, sealers, edging, and polymeric sand, we have everything you need to make your project that much easier. 

  • Geo-Textile Fabrics (Mirafi/ Geo-Grid/ Filter Fabric)
  • Spikes
  • Beast Edge Restraint
  • Alliance Poly Sand
  • Alliance Sealers/ Adhesive/ Cleaners
  • Srw Sealers/ Adhesives/ Cleaners
  • Lighting

At Gasper, our mission is to provide high-quality hardscape accessories, which are ultimately used to build beauty that lasts through community buildings, family homes, relaxing public landscapes, and outdoor living areas. Call us at 215-364-2400 for your hardscape accessory needs.