Cement Products & Additives

Cement is often confused with concrete. Cement is a finely ground, usually grey colored mineral powder. When mixed with water, cement acts as a glue to bind together sand, gravel, and crushed stone to form concrete, one of the sturdiest and commonly used construction materials in the world.

Our store has a vast array of cement products and additives that are not available elsewhere.  You can rely on Gasper to carry the following products: 

  • Various types of cement and mixes
  • Aggregates 
  • Cement colors for concrete and mortar
  • Liquid admixtures 
  • Concrete expansion joints
  • Concrete mesh (rolls and sheets)
  • Cinder block
  • Steel angle iron
  • Rebar (1/2″)
  • Black flex pipe and fittings
  • White sewer and drain pipe fittings
  • Rigid insulation
  • Poly sheeting 
  • Delta MS-basement waterproofing material
  • Weed barrier

Gasper is located in Richboro, PA and serves homeowners and contractors in Montgomery County, Bucks County, Delaware County, Philadelphia County, and surrounding areas in New Jersey, and Delaware. Give us a call today to learn more about our cement products.