Most well-designed landscapes consist of multiple spaces that serve different purposes, such as a sitting area, a raised vegetable garden, or a flower border. Landscape edging accentuates each of these individual areas while also lending a unifying element to your garden’s design. Edging can have a functional role as well, such as holding mulch in place and prevents lawn mowers from damaging your plants. Depending on your functional and aesthetic needs for edging, choices range from a simple trench to high-end paving stones, and everything in between. Our experts can help you sort through all the considerations so you can decide which landscape edging will work best in you or your client’s garden.

Landscape edging tools and border fences can help define and refine your backyard and outdoor spaces to truly impressive effect. These handy tools can even keep your plants and edibles safe from cute but problematic garden pests like bunny rabbits, deer, and even overly-rambunctious kids.

Picking the right landscape edging can turn an average space into a truly stunning one. Shop Gasper today to find edging supplies for your landscaping needs.