Landscape Boulders

Few landscaping accents are as powerful as a well-placed boulder.

If your dream backyard or your client’s wishes include natural-looking elements that make an impact, boulders will provide that look. Landscape boulders are commonly used to build a natural look that seamlessly integrates with the area beyond the boundaries of properties.

Buy Boulders and Add a Unique Touch to Your Yard Design

These large, versatile stones can be strategically placed to hide yard eyesores or can be stacked to construct a naturalistic retaining wall. Accomplished landscape designers will use them to take the eye away from an element that can’t be moved, such as an irrigation pump or cable box. They also make great accents that help spice up dull landscaping that needs a makeover.

See Our Huge Selection of Boulders for Sale

The boulders we have for sale at Gasper range from smaller stackable wall rocks to large specimen pieces. Very few hardscape suppliers carry as many sizes and shapes as we do, so you can choose the perfect one that fits your vision. Visit our Richboro, PA, location to see our great selection for yourself.

Enjoy Fast Delivery of Your Landscaping Boulders

 You can pick up your boulder order, or take a look at our delivery policy to see if we can deliver your boulder your worksite or home. We deliver seven days a week between the hours of 12 pm–8 pm.

For more information, contact an experienced member of our team for help with your questions or order placement at 215-364-2400.