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Perennials – Like a family member coming home for the holidays, perennials can warm your heart and brighten your home year after year. Perennials give structure, texture and continuity to your landscape, and they can be displayed in an “ever-changing” palette of colors and textures as the seasons progress.

Whether its Asters or Sedum, Salvia or Daisies, perennials have the power to please from the break of spring to the final days of autumn.  Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or new to the craft, Gasper has been consulting customers for over 28 years.

Our gardening experts are eager to share their passion for flowers with you, and make recommendations to suit any property. Whether it’s a sprawling garden or simply a window planter box, Gasper has the area’s largest selection of perennials in the Greater Delaware Valley.  What’s more, our seasoned gardening professionals will guide you every step of the way, from choosing the right perennials, to how to plant them, as well as the correct planting amendments.

Gasper Store Specials

Assorted 1-Gallon Perennials Regularly $9.99 each, 5 for $39.99
Assorted 1-gallon Clematis regularly $24.99 each, Sale $19.99
Jeepers Creepers Hardy Perennials, 3 inch pot mix & match, regulary $3.99 each, 12 for $39.99
Assorted 2-Gallon Perennials Buy 4 of the same variety, get the 5th FREE
Dr Earth Flower Girl Bud & Bloom, 4 lb. bag, regularly $12.99 each, Sale $9.99
Assorted Groundcovers, Pachysadra Vinca English Ivy, $19.99 per flat (32 plants)