Fruit Trees

Look below for Gasper store specials followed by fruit and flowering tree products

Hollybrook Orchards Fruit & Flowering Trees ­­– Committed to growing and providing the best fruiting and flowering trees in the business, Hollybrook Orchards offers over 200 varieties of fruiting trees, plants and nuts. Their Eastern Shore nursery has been growing trees for over 12 years, and their motto is they “have the fruits your grandmother enjoyed, to exotics from across the globe.”

Hollybrook Orchards has proven favorites like McIntosh apples, Elberta peaches and Anjou pears, as well as sweet cherries all specifically developed for the Eastern climate. They pride themselves on organic orcharding which requires extra planning, dedication and diligence.  What this means to you is fruit trees that are fresh and chemical-free.  Gasper is proud to offer these unique and special trees.

Gasper store specials

Assorted 5-Gallon Fig Trees
Assorted 7-Gallon Hollybrook Orchards Fruit Trees
Assorted 2-Gallon Blueberry Bushes
Assorted 15-gallon Flowering and Shade Trees
Assorted 2-Gallon Raspberry Bushes
Flowering Dogwoods

Fruit and flowering tree products

Below is what Gasper sells online, and is available for pickup at our garden center starting March of 2018. It’s best to reserve your fruit trees early to make sure you get the varieties you want. Delivery service is available. Please call us for local delivery charges.