Fairy Gardens

Whether you are outfitting a whole new living quarters for your favorite fairy – or maybe just redesigning and updating their “pad”, Gasper Home and Garden Showplace is your source for everything fairy gardens.  Creating a fairy garden is a fun activity that can be shared by the entire family, but it is not only for children.  People of all ages, looking to bring a little bit of whimsy into their homes or yards, can enjoy creating these miniature landscapes. 

Gasper carries a tremendous selection of fairy and miniature garden materials, from fairies, gnomes, creatures and critters, to miniature houses, doors and bridges.  We even have seasonal miniatures so you can supplement your garden with a fun and festive flair at those special times of year like Christmas and Halloween.   Fairy gardens can work well indoors or in an outside container.  You can choose between artificial moss and plants, or real living miniature and bonsai plants depending on where you want to create your own personal miniature garden and what level of care you are looking to devote to it.  Whatever you decide, Gasper has everything you need to create a wonderland uniquely your own.

Does someone have a birthday or special occasion coming up? Fairy gardens make great gifts as they are perfect for adults and kids of all ages. You can create a personalized magical play land just for your special someone.  Plus, with a large list of fairy garden accessories available such as beautiful arbors, miniature plants and trellises to timeless garden accents, bridges and gates, it is something that can be added to for years to come.   

Need a little inspiration?  Check our events calendar for dates on when we conduct our “create your own fairy garden” workshops.  Our experts will guide you through a magical creation which you can instantly take home and enjoy!