Betula nigra ‘Heritage’ (Heritage River Birch)

  • Fast-growing single or multi-stem
  • Vase-like form, nice golden fall color
  • Beautiful whitish grey exfoliating bark creates winter interest
  • Avoid pruning in spring when the sap is running
  • Can grow upwards of 50′, so not ideal built structures


Type: Tree, Deciduous

Size (10 Year): 25′–45′H × 15′–20′W

Light Needs: Full Sun, Part Sun/Part Shade

Moisture Needs: Average Soil, Wet Soil

Preferred Soil Type: Moist, acidic, fertile soils - Adapts well to heavy clay soils - Will tolerate poor drainage / drought

Native: No

Deer Resistant: Yes

Attracts Birds: No

Attracts Butterflies: No

Recommended soil amendments and fertilizers

Plant with Bumper Crop® Garden Soil: Yes

Dr. Earth® All Purpose Fertilizer: Yes

Fertilize with Dr. Earth: All Purpose