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If you’re looking for an enchanting gardening hobby for kids of any age, Gasper Home and Garden Showplace has just the thing for you. Consider the fairy garden – a miniature and whimsical wonderland that can be created either indoors or outdoors for year round collecting and enjoyment.

Gasper carries a tremendous selection of fairy garden materials, from fairies, creatures and critters, to houses, doors, bridges and animals.  Accessorizing your garden is an incredible journey that can be shared throughout the entire family. Choose artificial moss and plants, or incorporate your fairy garden into your outdoor living space and compliment it with real plants.  Whatever you decide, Gasper has everything you need to create a wonderland all your own.

Check our events calendar for dates on when we conduct our “create your own fairy garden” workshops.  Our experts will guide you through a magical creation which you can take home and enjoy!


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Fairy garden products

Below is just a sample of the fairy garden products Gasper carries in store, and all of what we carry online. To see all of Gasper’s fairy garden products, please visit our home and garden showplace in Richboro, PA.